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Quit making guesses about what your target audience is doing online. We know, we know. This may be a bit in your face. But it’s true. Lots of businesses waste time and money guessing where your clients hang out online.

The reality is, the most successful companies invest in data to capture insights about their audience. There are so many platforms out there that a lot of information is available about who is coming to your website: how they got there, what they’re doing, how long they’re staying, and where they’re going next. If you’re just starting to dive into your data, here’s where you can get some free insights.

Google Analytics

Turbo Charge Brand Google

Google Analytics is the best resource for analyzing site data. Do some reading (sound familiar?) to learn about Google Analytics and how you can start gathering useful data. This is a good place to start if you haven’t read it already.

Google My Business

Regardless of what your analytics show, every business can benefit from claiming their Google My Business (GMB) account and utilizing its functionality. When people search for a local product or service like dog grooming, Google serves the most relevant content.

If you claim your GMB listing, you can add posts, answer questions, even make appointments, and it’s all free! If you don’t claim your listing, it sits there – sad, lonely, and vacant. Or worse – inaccurate. And if you don’t claim your GMB listing, someone else can. If they do, they can add their information. So, go get that listing!

Turbo Charge Brand Facebook Instagram More

Facebook, Instagram, & More!

People are looking for genuine, generous connections. Social media gives you the opportunity to make those connections. Posting about behind-the-scenes office shenanigans, employee anniversaries, and random holidays are ways to show people there really is a human involved in your business.

Be aware though, not every platform is right for every business. If you’re more of a B2B entity, LinkedIn is probably where your target client hangs out. If you’re B2C, Facebook and Instagram are great places for you to make connections. If you have thoughts or ideas that inspire or encourage others, Twitter might be the perfect place for you to share generously with your clients.

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