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Get To Know Strategy

Strategy specializes in web design, digital and traditional marketing, and implementing technology solutions. We strive to make our clients’ lives easier and to grow their organizations.

Our culture is relaxed and authentic; however, we work extremely hard to meet deadlines and make our clients shine. We take pride in producing high-quality work, and we view our work as a form of art. Our team has vast experience implementing marketing and technology solutions for our clients. We hire and bring the best talent available to the table to assure that each project we undertake exceeds expectations, is completed on time, and remains affordable.

Our Team

Jason Wilson
Business Analyst /

Valorie Wilson
Copy Editor / Co-Founder

Ed Roche
Business Development /

Karmalene Roche
Office Manager /

Joel Johns
Business Development

Patty Robb
Marketing Director

Tonya Frank-Wadel
Project Manager

Erica Smith
Graphic Designer

Bryan Cisler
Web Developer

Scott Leverich
IT Specialist

Dustin Foerderer
IT Specialist

Scott Bennie
Social Media Specialist

Carrick Wilson

Our Values

The following statements define our outlook on life and our relationships. We invite you to do business with a group of people who hold these values.

  • We provide exceptional care and service to all clients and team members; we bring value to all of our relationships.
  • Our work exhibits highly creative solutions that are produced with excellence and passion.
  • We think out-of-the-box for our clients and produce multiple solutions so our customers can make informed decisions.
  • We find the best solution for our clients, not necessarily the best solution for ourselves.
  • We are agile, flexible, and forward thinking so that we can react in surprisingly timely ways and provide added value to our clients.
  • At the heart of our company we are mission-minded and strive to make our community and the world around us a better place to live.
  • We value integrity over profit; it’s business and it’s personal. Relationships matter.