If you want your brand’s website to stand out, try backlinks.

These days, your brand’s visibility on the internet requires a multi-layered website filled with tactics that include content development, keyword research, Meta optimization, and backlinks.

A backlink, links to your website from another website that’s in a similar industry. This helps build authority, and it’s essential for any brand’s website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Quality backlinks are links that point to your website from another website with higher page authority than your current site.

Google shows customers (the searcher) the best search results possible and one way it does this is by ranking sites by their authority.

So when you’re looking to improve your website’s visibility, make sure that you connect with pages that have a higher page rank than your site.

There are many ways you get ad high-quality backlinks to your site.

For instance, try the following: 

  • Write regular press releases and submit to various local and national media sites or other web based PR sites such as PRWeb.com. Some media outlets will redistribute your press release for free while several web based sites will charge a small fee to promote and publish your release.
  • Write guest blog posts on other popular industry blogs. Bloggers are always looking for new and fresh content. As a guest blogger, work a link back to your site into the article.
  • Discover link-building opportunities with tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer.
  • Create citations and listings on various quality directory sites related to your business industry. Most of these sites provide a free basic listing; just make sure you add your website URL.
  • Write compelling, unique, and shareable content. Not only does this establish you as a thought leader, it also increases the likelihood that others will link back to you organically when they reference your content.
  • Add social sharing tools to your own content so it makes it easy for people to share the valuable content that you create.

For more tips on improving your backlinking strategy, visit Backlinko.

Like all other SEO tactics, people have tried to “hack” the system by overstepping boundaries established by the search engines.

Backlinking is no different.

When people realized that the engines were using backlinks to measure relevance, some SEO companies created huge networks of directory sites or microsites and then linked their customers to these sites and overnight the client site went from a few organic backlinks to literally tens of thousands of backlinks.

It didn’t take long for the engines to wise up to these tactics.

Through recent algorithm updates, sites who engage in this backlink spamming technique are severally punished in their rankings and in some cases removed altogether.

So, to avoid looking like a backlink spammer to the engines make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • Never buy from a company selling hundreds or thousands of backlinks. These are most assuredly spam indexes.
  • Be cautious of any company who promises a #1 organic ranking. There are just too many variables to make this promise.
  • Always generate your backlinks organically and slowly over time. There are no SEO silver bullets and anyone who promises to have one will soon be rejected by the engines. SEO is something that must be done well, consistently, over time. Remember the best way to gain ranking is to provide real and valuable content that others will find compelling.


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When it comes to SEO, always keep your tactics above board and within the guidelines established by the search engines.

SEO and digital marketing can produce phenomenal results for your organization but it takes time and hard work. If you need help with your SEO or digital marketing, contact us today to get started.

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