Keywords. Ahhh. The word every customer thinks of when they are searching for a product or service, right? Not so much! But it is a word every website content writer needs to keep in their mind while they are writing (see our Tip #1 in this series for tips on how to write great content). While keywords mean nothing to the consumer on the surface, they mean everything to them behind the scenes.

Imagine how hard it would be to find that amazing piece of art John designed if his content just used the keyword “paintings” over and over.

“John’s paintings will be showcased at a fine arts festival this fall. Watch for the announcement of where to view John’s paintings soon.”

That content wouldn’t help his website break through the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of other artist websites. And it certainly doesn’t give his readers an incentive to want to see them. Now imagine if his main keyword described his particular art with more detail like this:

“John’s stunning plein aire paintings can be viewed all around the city in an upcoming fine arts festival. The countryside paintings are beautifully eloquent at the same time as they are informative about the country in which he lives. Stay tuned for dates and locations!”

Gives the reader a vision to look forward to seeing, doesn’t it? After all, they came to John’s website to find about his art. They will certainly want see these in person, and they will likely click on the gallery page of his website.

So remember, keywords are vitally important as the customer reads your website and social media statuses. Just remember not to put those main keywords in every single sentence since Google will yell “spam” and penalize your website.

Stay tuned for Tip #4 of Strategy’s Successful Website Marketing series.

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