Content must be authoritative and meaningful.

Google now states that “high-quality content” is a much larger factor in ranking than back linking – the “old” way of doing SEO. A sign of the changing times? Maybe. A sign that the times are getting progressively better for businesses? Definitely. Now smaller businesses won’t get pushed out of the way by sites with hundreds of self-serving backlinks and no meaningful content. Steer clear of the “backlinks galore mentality” and just go straight for what your readers and customers want and deserve.

  • Tell them about what you have to offer.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with them.
  • Showcase products and services that you offer better than the competition.
  • Give them reason to contact you and inquire about your offerings.
  • Make them want to share it and tell all their friends about you!

Content is always king.

Readers have hundreds of millions of websites to choose from on the internet. According to recent studies the number of active websites has topped 670 million. And that number rises every month. Will it swell to over 1 billion in 2013?

Knowing those numbers, you’ve got to rely on SEO to get your voice heard. So be sure to let that voice speak what the readers want to hear. Show them you have your field covered, your market cornered, and the product they want ready to ship, all while they search. Make them come back for more. Burst the WWW bubble on your own terms so that your customers become your fans.  Don’t know what SEO is yet? Connect with us! You’ve got the answer to the customer’s needs and we can help you tell them in a voice that will catch their attention.

Stay tuned for more of our Top 10 Tips for Successful Website Marketing!

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