If your organization is not advertising on Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge market of prospective customers. With all the details on Facebook profiles, it’s easy to maximize the potential of your advertising through customer targeting and ad testing. Consider advertising on Facebook.

1. Worldwide Audience

Facebook puts your ads in front of the biggest advertising audience in history. Facebook has over 1.55 billion monthly active users, or those who have logged on in the last 30 days, generating 22 billion ad clicks per year. That’s a lot of potential traffic that can be driven to your website.

Facebook also makes it easier to expand your network of business contacts. Most businesses have Facebook pages for their organizations and use them as a way to stay networked in their industries.

2. Affordability

Facebook advertising offers the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions in the history of advertising. The minimum ad spend of $1 per day will get your ad in front of 4,000 people. That means an average of only a quarter per 1,000 impressions, only 1% the cost of television advertising.

3. Pinpoint Targeting

The targeting options for Facebook advertising are unprecedented, using profile details to let you pinpoint target your audience. Beyond the usual age/gender/location metrics, you can target your ads based on people’s listed interests, college major, email address, or even relationship status. If it’s a category on their profile, it can be used to create an audience for your advertising.

4. Testing Made Easy

The simplicity of Facebook’s advertising makes it ideal as a testing tool to see what types of ads perform the best for certain audiences. For example, in a month of advertising you can test to see if changing the written copy or graphic content gets better results with the same audience. Or you can test the performance of the same ad among slightly different groups to see which audience is more interested in your ads.

You can also “remarket” by targeting specific groups of people who have already visited your site or clicked on your ads but didn’t make an initial purchase. Another option is to have Facebook create a “lookalike audience”, which is a new audience that has similar interests of an audience you’ve already advertised with.

5. Optimizing for the Audience

You can also test to see what kinds of ads get you the best results for your money. Your ads can be optimized for post engagement, daily unique reach, impressions, and clicks.

For example, a CPM ad, or Cost Per Mille (Thousand), is optimized to get your ad in front of the most eyes possible, and you will pay per 1,000 impressions. A Cost Per Click (CPC) ad is focused on getting the most clicks on an ad, so you’ll pay for each click your ad gets. In each case, Facebook can help target the type of audience that’s most likely to get you the kinds of results you’re paying for.

We know all these options may seem a little intimidating, which is why Strategy will help you build a Facebook advertising campaign that works best for your organization’s needs and budget. We’ll make a plan that includes testing over time to laser-focus your ads to get you the most return on your investment. Contact us today to get started advertising to the biggest audience in the world!


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