Your website is nearly done. You’ve worked hard getting all of your products on the first page so that when people land on your site they won’t miss a thing. Wait. You put all of your products on the home page. While this might seem like the most convenient design for your guests, let’s explore the dilemma this could put your website in rather quickly. The following 3 common website layout and design mistakes could make your website just a 2-second site.

Mistake: Your product or service list is everywhere or nowhere.You had good intentions of making everything accessible from your front page, but you forgot that most people are accessing your website from a mobile device these days. If you have more than 2 products (images, info, pricing, etc.), then that means loading time is at a snail’s pace even on fast internet connections.

Solution: You want neither “everywhere” nor “nowhere.” Your best design option is to feature a product or a promotion – or even a seasonal item – on your home page with a link to your product page. Also, be sure to use a permanent navigation button that links to your product page. Your product page is where you can put links to specific brands or types of products. This makes finding a specific product much easier for your customers.

Mistake: Your FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is hard to find.

Solution: If your customers have questions, they want answers… and quick! Make a specific page devoted to those questions that most of your customers would likely ask. You might already have a list of answers to those common questions. This could be the easiest page to make outside of your contact page!

Mistake: Contact information is hard to find or non-existent.

Solution: This might not be your intent, but it can be easily forgotten. If your customers don’t see real life contact info and a “contact us” page, expect your validity to be questioned. There are many spammers out there who do this intentionally. You don’t want to be lumped in with them inadvertently, so make your contact info is easy to find.

Making these three things easy to find on your website, but not overcrowding your main page with it all, will likely land your site in the customer’s “bookmarked pages” file. They will return because they can navigate your site easily and quickly.

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