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We measure your marketing strategies and provide insights to better tactics in an effort to maximize your marketing resources. We can audit your brand and provide a competitor analysis with data-driven solutions to create more opportunities to grow your business.

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We analyze data monthly, quarterly, and annually along with industry trends to make informed recommendations on how to optimize your online performance.


We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your brand’s performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll look at the industry landscape and how you can position your company within that market.


A competitor analysis will help us identify your company’s unique value and how you can engage with your customers.


We’ll research opportunities in your industry to create relevant content and increase the likelihood of conversions. We’ll audit your website to determine keywords that are best to target and narrow your customer’s focus.


We will audit your site and provide you with a complete list of errors that could be keeping your site from ranking well on Google. We can then craft solutions to increase site traffic.


We’ll determine how a typical user interacts with your site and uncover problem areas where the customer experience can improve. We’ll provide you with user behavior-driven insights and usability recommendations.


“I love that the Strategy team is so involved in the community. Their business is a great asset and made up of passionate leaders.”

– C Beaird

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