You’ve heard the saying, “too much of a good thing…,” right? Well, that holds true in marketing as well. When designing your website marketing strategy, too much is overwhelming to your clients and customers. What can be too much?

Too much… color combination.

Too much… wording.

Too much… usage of keywords.

Too much… in the category of graphics.

This list could go on and on, but let’s look at it from the basics.

If your website is filled with too many colors, the eye can’t process it all properly

For instance, if you want to portray that your products are natural, relaxing, organic, and nurturing, you’d want to use green. But did you know that the color green also positively portrays science, government, and medicine as well? All of this can be evoked by the feelings that the color green brings to our subconscious. Remember though, it would only be the main color if that is the “feel” you are going for. You would also want to use 2-3 complimentary colors in smaller areas so the eye has something to look at and the page isn’t boring. Two to three colors is a design basic in many fields, but going over that is too much. It’s simply too much to process by the eye, and too much for browsers to process. Think simple for mobile versions as well, between 15 to 30% of internet traffic comes from a mobile device.

The second thing that can be done to excess is the wording.

You have a lot of valuable information to give to your page followers, clients, and customers. But if you have so much content on your pages that they have to scroll and scroll to find what they are looking for, then you will almost certainly lose their interest. You might even frustrate them so much that they move on to your competitor. Try to keep each page focused to a single topic. There is a simple rule that writers of news articles follow that can be easily adapted to website marketing:

Tell them what you are going to tell them,
tell them,
and then tell them what you’ve told them.

The first and last things should be done in eye catching ways with logos, tag lines, and other graphics and charts. The middle one – “tell them” – is your content. We explained in our Tip #1 of this series how to make sure your content stays “king” of your site. All the rest should support your content.

Keywords, the third thing on our basics list, can be overkill in content as well.

If you’d like to learn more tips on how to effectively use keywords, you can find those in Tip #3 of our series. We don’t want to skip through those important tips, but we can say the general idea is that too many keywords just makes your content feel spammy. You certainly don’t want your readers to feel like you are just trying to attract search engines instead of them.

Too many graphics or images on your website will probably just confuse people.

They will perceive it as “ad overload”! You want to convey you are the expert in your field, not that you only have a product or service to sell, sell, sell. Keep your images pertinent, clean, and informative. Your readers will thank you because they will find what they need quickly.

Keep these 4 basics in mind when filling your website, and your website won’t “feel” too filled. For more tips on Successful Website Marketing see the series on our blog.

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