Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a URL for your website isn’t always easy… or fun! Nearly every business owner runs into “that URL is taken, please choose another” at least once. But it is so important in the fast paced internet growth pattern to get a URL that fits your business as soon as possible. Thinking ahead about marketing when choosing your URL is also important. What if your business grows from a service-business-only to include a product line? What if your business branches out into other similar genres? And what if you… are you ready… GO GLOBAL! That URL can make all the difference in the world – quite literally.

Here are some tips why choosing the right URL for your business can boost your business success. A great fitting URL:

  • makes the business easy to remember across all marketing platforms including social media. You want to be remembered and not forgotten.
  • shows credibility and professionalism across all aspects of the business.
  • allows for business address emails to assure clients of direct contact. Your clients may be hesitant to email you at a free email address since they might see this instead: [email protected].

Remember when choosing a URL, you must also capture the audience of search engines. You are not just picking a URL that will look nice on your business cards. So, if your business name is Joe’s Carpet Cleaning, you should consider buying additional URLs to cover the area. For instance, you want “JoesCarpetCleaning” to be your URL, but if you service areas within a 100 mile radius, search engines aren’t going to pick up on that from your URL. You might also consider something that has your area in the URL like “CentralKansasCarpetCleaning.”  You want to expand your customer base and a URL like this one will help on that front as well.

One last important tip:

If you have a business name that is on the common side or on the popular side, then be sure to buy all the options available. This saves you from the hassle of someone buying a URL that you may need later, or worse – they may buy them and use them for something that you feel is inappropriate. So, buy up the .com, .org, .net, and any other ending you’d like to preserve.

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