You have a lot to tell the world about your business. They should hear about it. But how do you do that effectively? Sure, you could share information from sources you trust, but you don’t want to only share other site information because your clients will become their clients. You could also talk about your products and services of course. You want to share just enough to give the customer what they are looking for, but not so much that they lose interest in what you are sharing. It’s true that a balanced mixture of these two concepts is a great way to gain a client base and keep it. You can accomplish that by a simple and concise placement of the most important information about your company or organization and share links to corroborate that info. Then you become the expert in your field.

People often search without completely knowing what they are looking for or even knowing what product or service will answer their quandary. When you provide the most concise info about a product or service the searcher will soon become the client. That same client will share with their friends and family, which means your customer base increases based on the fact that your well placed – and well timed – info was right at their fingertips. And don’t be afraid to share the wealth of information other experts provide as long as they are not your direct competitor.

Be sure to keep the most relevant info at the top of the page, keep each page clean and easily navigable, and make sure your product links are quickly found. According to a 2011 Nielson Norman Group study, web users often leave a web page in 10-20 seconds! But it is clearly proven that pages with clear and concise value hold a reader’s attention longer. It is imperative that the information you provide is directed to the right demographic, and what you are telling them is what they need to hear.

In closing, here are the main ways to ensure great placement of content and links:

  • Make links clear and easy to find. No one likes to hunt around.
  • Use images and videos to convey information. Eye candy gets eaten.
  • Use a sitemap if your website has numerous pages so that users can find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Update your website frequently. Stale information stands out… for all the wrong reasons. Place it at the top and update it to keep people coming back.

The main lesson learned with this tip is to put yourself in the customer’s place. Pretend you are looking for the exact thing you offer. Answer the same questions you had before you started your business. After all, you started it to provide something people need. Give them what they need, and you will both be happy people!

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