First impressions matter, especially in business. In order to stand out among competitors, your business needs effective, persuasive graphic design to appeal and engage customers. Here are 5 ways your business can use graphic design:

As your company grows, consider ways to update your logo to reflect the current trends. Your logo needs to be memorable and functional across several platforms.
The company logo should be:

  • Flexible but maintains your brand identity
  • Adjustable for a variety of sizes including social media profile like Facebook & Twitter
  • Distinct and consistent when using it for events, promotions, and products
  • Not distract from the brand message


There are a lot of plain, boring business cards, brochures, letterheads, and other collateral materials out there. Make sure yours stands out and communicates effectively:

  • Clear consistent messaging that communicates your value proposition
  • Use color to guide the reader, convey a mood, or highlight your product or service
  • Eye-catching visual elements make people notice your business card
  • Pay attention to details from font choice, to the cropping of your images, and messaging


A compelling graphic design has a big impact on your website. It tells visitors the story of your brand, builds trust, and gives visitors a reason to become customers.

Use graphic design strategically to place product information, benefits, customer reviews, call to actions, and more. When creating a website consider:

  • Does the overall feel represent the brand?
  • Do the images and graphics match the content? (Offers, products, etc.)
  • Can the visitor easily navigate content and take action?
  • Is it mobile responsive on multiple devices?


The packaging of your product is equally important. Displays, exterior packaging, and product inserts are all opportunities to continue the brand conversation.

  • Does the packaging design match the end product?
  • Does it enhance or distract from the user experience?
  • Does it appeal to the target consumer?


Branded graphic design will help people recognize your posts quickly, and help your company stand out.

An occasional text-only about the services you provide is helpful, but graphics and images are highly effective for engagement.

  • Use different company messaging and benefits across social media platforms
  • Promote special offers, inform customers, and highlight product info
  • Create shareable content through graphics

Next Steps

Graphics are an important part of your communication strategy, allowing you to show rather than tell. But there’s more to your brand than just graphics. Branding is a whole experience. Ready to dive in? Download the free guide to branding below for more marketing insights.

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