With the amount of competition for any industry, you want your business to stand out, to be remembered, to be CHOSEN. How do you do that?

Offer interesting, engaging content.  Get started with these steps.


“QR” stands for Quick Response. It’s a square barcode that shows up on business cards, brochures, and product packaging.

When a mobile user scans the QR code with their app, they are taken to a landing page. A landing page could be a website, an event signup, or a place to purchase tickets.

QR codes work with mobile devices, so be sure your landing page or website is mobile-friendly.

Skip Arial and Helvetica and go straight for the coolest font you can find. Your logo and texts will jump right off the page.


Font design can be used to evolve your brand over time. Keep up with the latest industry trends. You wouldn’t want to use Comic Sans if you’re a professional – maybe, if you’re a kindergarten teacher.


Images are everything.

Business need images to tell their story, interest the viewer, and make content easily consumable. But the key to successful images is high-quality design, photography, and illustration.


Keep it simple.

Business can be complex enough. Bombarding your customers with too much content is overwhelming.

Use simple design to make your call-to-actions stand out on your website and keep the messaging and information to the bare minimum on marketing collateral.


Use apps on your mobile phone or tablet to easily connect to customers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Your customers are already likely on these social media apps, so engage with them to continue the brand conversation.

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