Implementing easy marketing ideas can be as fun as creating products and services for your business. We have tons of easy, quick marketing ideas to get your business noticed by more people. How about these 5 easy things? Get started today!

Update your business cards.

This may seem like a small task in your marketing strategy, but that is the beauty of it! It is a small but powerful thing. We usually notice things with our eyes first when it comes to media. A new, eye-catching business card with graphics will be noticed, and it might even be put at the front of a person’s “must call” list!

Create a web version (digital version) of your brochures.

Not everyone is on your mailing list that wants to see what you have to offer. Unlike a print ad (which can be very helpful at times), making a PDF or other web version of your brochures is one of the least expensive ways to get continual exposure.

Give something away.

As business owners, we tend to think “bottom line” all the time. Sometimes the bottom line needs to fluctuate a bit to allow for growth. Give some products away on your social media outlets, have a contest on your website or for your e-newsletter recipients, donate some items for local giveaways and prizes. The amount of eyeballs on your products grows exponentially when people get their hands on them and start talking about them to their friends.

Re-engage past customers.

This sounds difficult, but it isn’t. Provided you still have emails or addresses, you can send them special “For Our Customers Only” samples, contests, and other incentives for them to consider your business again. Don’t worry about them possibly not needing what you offer because even if they don’t, they have friends who might!

Create a “Thank YOU” incentive.

Start a “Customer of the Month” campaign and reward them, share testimonials and photos from your customers of your product or service being used. Connect with other businesses to cross promote in the community and to thank them for partnering with your businesses.

Now it’s your turn. We bet you could brainstorm several ways to easily market your business. What ideas do you have?

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