Strategy offers comprehensive web development services

Depending on the scope of the project, Strategy uses all or part of the web development process below to ensure a successful implementation that meets budgets and deadlines.


Discovery is critical to any strategic endeavor. Before we begin any project or make any recommendations we want to get to know you, know your culture, and understand your core values as well as your business processes. We partner with you to guide your organization through strategic planning sessions to determine project scope and site direction so that we can create a strategy that embodies the spirit of your organization.


Out of the discovery phase, we create detailed documentation to bring clarity to the project. As with any construction project, it is vital to start with a good blueprint. The key to successful projects is creating, understanding, and following a solid architecture.


Once the architecture is defined and approved our creative team begins the process of converting blueprints into works of art that will get your brand noticed. Our goal is to raise your brand awareness, to set you apart from your peers and competitors. We do all of this while being true to the strategic needs of your organization with measurable results that prove value to your stakeholders.


The next step in the process engages our technical wizards to deploy the project in a way that transforms creative into function. We take pretty and make it work for you and your customer. Whether it’s a website, social media, print advertisements or viral videos we can execute your project with accuracy on time and on budget.


No project is an island unto itself, no project should be launched and left to meander aimlessly. After the execution phase of any project, we look through our strategic analytical lenses to make sure the project or campaign is effective and producing results. We’re not looking for one-time encounters. We want to work with you to measure, tweak, and improve your efforts to gain the maximum results and exposure possible for your organization.

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