SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is a strategy to improve the visibility of your website using techniques that consider how search engines work and how your customers seek information. Here are three tips to get you thinking about your SEO approach:

1. Keywords

There are plenty of ways to help find the right keywords (one of the most popular methods is Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool.) But while the tendency can be to focus solely on the most popular keywords, remember that using several low traffic keywords can collectively send more visitors your direction than a few high-traffic keywords, and a combination of both can be the win-win you’re looking for.

2. Optimize Content

With your keywords in hand, you can optimize your website content. Search engines “read” your website for content and keyword rankings. You can sway their choices by strategically optimizing your content for appropriate keywords. Careful though, overusing keywords can make your content boring … or even worse, annoying. Always keep your customer’s needs in mind. What are they looking for, and how does what you offer address their needs?

3. Blogging

Blogging allows you to answer questions that your customers (both current and future) are asking. Blogging is an effective way to bring more traffic to your website, and by sharing your new blog posts via social media you create more links to your website, which in turn optimizes your standing in search results. In addition, blogging becomes the conversation between you and your customers and engages them in an ongoing way.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the endless amount of information on SEO. Strategy is here to help you develop a step-by-step approach to improve your messages and website content to increase traffic and leads. Check out some other articles on SEO here.