Social media engagement is a necessity for businesses in an always online world. With Facebook’s newest algorithm, it’s going to be harder to get your organization’s content noticed by your target audience. Here’s what you should know about the change and what you can do to improve your social media presence.

What Does Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Mean?

In late June, Facebook announced one of their most significant updates to their News Feed feature. The algorithm that determines what content shows up on your News Feed has changed to now favor content from friends and family.

This means that posts by brands and publishers will not be as prominent. Websites that depend on traffic directly from Page posts, can expect a drop in reach and referral traffic. The decrease in traffic won’t be as bad if your referral traffic comes from people sharing your posts, so if your business is active in social media, make sure you’re creating engaging and relevant content to increase sharing and engagement.

With the new Facebook algorithm in effect, we have a couple tips to help your business stay connected.

Create Content that Boosts Engagement

1. Make it Visual
The best way to increase engagement with your social media, especially Facebook, is to include visual content. Posts with photos or images are the most shared posts by a huge margin.

To get the most out of your visual content, make sure you share photos that are of interest to your target audience, with relevant links to send traffic back to your website. Vary the types of images used, like infographics, photos, and banners to make things even more interesting.

2. Make it Engaging
Engage your audience with interactive posts like games, contests, and giveaways. People love free prizes, and contests can increase sharing of your posts and bring you more traffic.

If customers have responded well to helpful articles or humor give them more of that type of content. You can also host Q&A sessions to let your customers ask you questions. Host a Google hangout or Twitter chat to bring attention to new products or services. Another idea is to create a Facebook post asking your audience if they have questions about your business.

Great content will be less effective if your business isn’t consistently posting and maintaining its social media presence, so don’t forget our last tip:

3. Don’t Take a Break from Social Media Engagement
Consistent social engagement can help your website rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs). Likes, shares, and comments from Facebook could help your site’s visibility and increase conversions by driving traffic to your site.

Posting regularly about company and industry news will help raise brand awareness and establish you as an authority in your industry. Use our tips for creating engaging content to make sure these posts get shared.

Social media is always evolving, but Strategy can help you stay engaged with consistent social media management that creates engaging content for your audience. Contact us today, and we’ll develop a strategic social media plan that delivers measurable results!

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