Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of your marketing strategy. Most businesses need to supplement their organic SEO tactics with pay-per-click (PPC) options like Google’s Ads. Google Ads increases traffic and leads by improving search results on Google and its partner networks, e.g., YouTube and Gmail.

Improve Search Results

With Google Ads you are in complete control. By using keywords for your target audience, you’re able to reach people who have an interest in your product or service. As you learn more about how your target audience responds to your ads and offers you can easily update search terms and ads.

A Flexible Approach That Fits Your Goals

Google Ads is flexible for businesses of all sizes. Set your budget based on your desired reach and results and adjust as you go. Google Ads results are immediate so you can track the progress of your ad. Strategy can help you map out a test plan to evaluate customer response and various approaches. For example, some of the keywords may be priced too high so we can test alternate keyword options and create offers that resonate with your customers.


Google AdWords Results

Mid-America Coach wanted to increase website traffic and leads for their mobility vehicle and shuttle bus business. Strategy partnered with Mid-America Coach to implement Google Ads campaigns which led to a significant increase in impressions and leads and a reduction in the cost per lead. Critical success factors of their Google Ads success include: a good lead tracking system, consistent Google Ads budget, ongoing optimization of the keywords and budget allocation, and strong ad messaging.


ROI Google AdWords

Austin Hardware, a distributor of industrial and vehicular hardware used Google Ads to increase traffic to their website which houses over 15,000 parts. Strategy worked with Austin to optimize their Google Ads placements and budget, and implement a process to better track the source of online orders and the Return of Investment ROI. Ongoing adjustment, tracking improvements, and improved on-page content contributed to the success of Austin’s Ads campaigns.

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