A company brand is not simply an appealing logo and tagline; it is the core of your business. It promotes the values of your company and shapes the way that your customers view you. A brand analysis discovers the strengths and possibilities within your brand and can be instrumental in bringing your business to the forefront of your industry.

Here we discuss what a brand analysis does for your business, what goes into an analysis of your company, and when to perform the analysis.

What Is a Brand Analysis?

A brand analysis is the process of developing marketing strategies, evaluations, metrics, and estimates regarding your brand. A brand analysis is a strategic and systematic way of evaluating the power of your brand, how it is being used, and how to improve your brand potential.

Marketing experts take a deep dive into your brand and business identity when performing a brand analysis. What elements make up your visual identity? What is the foundation of your brand architecture? What does your brand promise to your audiences, and what relationships do your customers have with your business identity?

However, a brand analysis is not focused solely on your business alone. It also evaluates your brand from your customers’ perspective. What demographics does your brand cater to, and how are they shifting? What values are your customers searching for, and what do they find when they come across your brand?

A brand analysis is an incredible marketing tool that can be used to study the power of your brand and will highlight areas that can improve the foundations of your business.

What Are the Benefits of a Brand Analysis?

There are many advantages to performing a brand analysis. A brand analysis:

  • Allows you to assess what has worked, and what has not.
  • Uncovers the inefficiencies in your branding and marketing.
  • Helps you better understand where your time and effort should be spent.
  • Provides a fresh perspective on your business strategies and your company goals.

What Does a Brand Analysis Cover?

A brand is a complex, unique mixture of many concepts and ideals, not to mention carefully crafted color schemes and imagery. All factors must be considered when completing a brand analysis.


A good brand does not just happen, it takes strategy. Take a deep dive into who you are, what you stand for, and where you are headed. Your brand should reflect the values and visions of your company, and your audience should grasp those values with just one look.


Your business goals should be much more specific than simply “to sell products”. Successful businesses have a vision they wish to achieve with their audience and their services. This brand messaging should be clear and concise and motivate customers to commit to your business.


A captivating website goes far beyond mere colors and fonts. It is how the pieces work together to keep customers engaged and inspire them to act. Your website should be a hub of communication, discovery, and more; it must pull your online audiences into your brand and engage them completely.


Get discovered online with the right SEO toolkit. Your brand is marketed towards specific audiences, but are your website pages, social media profiles, and blogs ranking within their search engine results? If not, consider your site invisible to potential new clients.


Connect with your customers and reward their loyalty to your brand. Become a familiar, recognizable brand to your audience through successful email campaigns.

How are your paid advertisements reflecting on your brand? How do they appeal to your audience, and when are they being used effectively? Increase your audience engagement and new customers by refreshing your ad campaigns.

Social Media

Social media is the voice of your brand. It is the avenue with which your customers can talk to you directly and see how your brand operates daily. Using this tool effectively can create a personal, casual personality for your brand with which your customers can identify.

Google My Business

Let your customers find you with ease using Google My Business. Quickly give your audience the information they need to find your store, read reviews, view your services, and be impacted by your brand.

When Is the Best Time for a Brand Analysis?

A brand analysis does not always happen at the start of a business venture. A thorough analysis can be performed with any company at any stage of their growth and development. Here are the most common times a brand analysis is performed:

Revamping Your Marketing Efforts

When a business wants to reshape their marketing efforts, a brand analysis is key! Understanding the power of your brand, how your audience views your brand, and how to capitalize on your values within your industry can drive a new, successful marketing campaign.

Business Is Growing Stagnant

Perhaps your business has been successful overall, but the number of new and returning customers has reached a plateau. Revisiting your brand identity through a brand analysis can kickstart a new wave of audience engagement that revitalizes your business and company values.

Competitors Are Getting Ahead

Are you wondering why your competitors are reaching their goals while your business is slow-moving?

Often, one business will thrive, even when its competitors are not, even though they are offering the same services and products. How does this happen? The underlying factor is often related to brand identity. A brand analysis can help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, and values, which will help you take hold of your industry audiences.

Changes in Your Company

If you have recently changed your business strategies, values, or direction, you’ll want to revisit your brand. Does your brand reflect your new goals and systems? Does it appeal to the correct audiences?

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