We have all opened our laptops, booted up our computers, and seen a pop-up for an Adobe Flash player update. Adobe Flash was the primary video and game software used throughout the internet for years, but as technology surges forward towards new horizons, Adobe Flash is finally being boxed up for good.

Say Goodbye to Flash

Adobe Flash Player End-of-Life was January 1, 2021. Now, Microsoft is taking it a step further and has announced that they will start removing Adobe Flash from Windows 10 this summer in 2021. Removal will become mandatory starting in July.

Although it’s the end of an era for Adobe Flash, this transition will likely not affect most internet users. In reality, the end of Adobe Flash began years ago, and it’s been fading out ever since.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari internet browsers all ended Flash support at the beginning of this year. Therefore, removing Adobe Flash from your Windows computer should not have an effect on your internet experiences.

What Happens Now?

This summer, Windows 10 users will receive a system update called “Update for Removal from Adobe Flash Player.” Updating to Windows 10 version 21H1 will also remove the software. Removing Flash is as simple as accepting the update, or doing nothing at all if your system updates happen automatically.

Are you worried about all your old favorite games that run on Adobe Flash? Don’t mourn their loss just yet: The Internet Archive now offers thousands of backups to old Flash games and animations to preserve the Flash era of internet history.

Technology continues to make great strides at faster paces each year. While we indulge in the convenience that it brings, it’s also important to celebrate and remember what steps it took to get to where we are today!

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