2015 has been an exciting year at Strategy. We’ve had the opportunity to work with many new clients and have added innovative skills and team members to provide the support and solutions customers need to meet their business goals.

About Webphibian

We are happy to introduce our newest Strategy team member, Joel Johns and the acquisition of Webphibian, a web development and graphic design firm. Joel has worked with notable companies including Applebee’s, UMB Bank, Winstead’s, the Olathe Chamber of Commerce, and more. He is passionate about helping clients develop web marketing tactics to improve their brand design and online identity to deliver results such as increased awareness, web traffic, and leads.

Strategy Welcomes Webphibian Customers

Strategy is thrilled to welcome and connect with Webphibian customers.
Here’s some information we hope will be useful as we begin this new partnership:

Communication: Joel Johns will continue to be a primary point of contact for Webphibian clients, but we look forward to introducing the whole Strategy team.

Hosting: There won’t be any change to how Webphibian clients are hosted. Your website will remain on the same servers you are using today.

Support: Have a question, need a website edit, or help with an issue? Contact us anytime at 888-299-9459, or fill out the online contact form.

Rates: Rates for monthly services will stay the same. If you have any billing questions please contact us.

Services: Strategy provides traditional and digital marketing to help you grow your business, web design and development, branding and design services, and technology services.

At Strategy, our focus is delivering smart solutions that make our client’s vision come true. We look forward to learning more about Webphibian customers’ businesses and partnering with you in 2016 to accomplish your goals.

Need help creating a Strategy for the new year? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

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