Stuck at the office on April Fools’ Day?

Have some fun with these 5 pranks you can pull on your boss.

For “research” we tested them on Strategy’s boss, Jason Wilson.

1. Upgrade Family Photos

Office Prank

Does your boss have family photos in their office? While they’re in a meeting, sneak in and change out the photos with a different one.

(It took 2 days for our boss to notice this gem.)

2. Classic Post-It Note Prank

Post It Note Prank

While it may be overdone, it will forever be a classic.

Worried about upsetting your boss? Write compliments and positive affirmations on them.

A few phrases you can try:

  • “Bruce Springsteen has nothing on you!”
  • “You’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.”
  • “People like you!”
  • “Nice outfit.”
  • “My potential to succeed is infinite.”

(We later found out that he can’t do 100 pushups.)

3. Buy Lunch with the Company Credit Card

Jimmy Johns Prank

This one is a little tricky to pull off. Use the company credit card and buy everyone in the office lunch. Throughout the day have your coworkers thank your boss.

If they get upset, kindly remind them that it’s tax deductible.

(Thanks for lunch, Jason!)

4. Printer Jam

Printer Jam

Use all of the printer paper and print off pictures of jam. Put them back into the printer tray. When your boss mentions there’s something wrong with the printer, ask them, “Is it jammed?”

(Jason’s more of a preserves guy.)

5. Leave Work Early

Leave Work Early

This one really is the best of all. There’s nothing like leaving work early without telling your boss. Instead, go to happy hour because you deserve it.

(Jason, if you’re reading this, just wanted you to know we didn’t use the company credit card for this one…yet?)

Kill time, waste office supplies, and have fun.


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