Brand Solutions for Professional Services

Brand Solutions For Professional Services

In marketing, branding is the heart of the business.

Branding represents your promise, communicates value, and builds trust.

While many businesses understand the importance of a strategic brand, it’s often difficult for them to implement tactics to support awareness and increase engagement.

To remain competitive, businesses need a partner who can evaluate and implement branding strategies, clarify messaging, and increase marketing impact.

Develop Brand Message to Acquire New Clients

The Geis GroupBased in Omaha, Nebraska, The Geis Group helps non-profit organizations improve their fundraising efforts, save time, and increase revenue. They connect non-profit organizations with high-quality prospects through moves management, prospect identification, and more.

The Geis Group developed an exclusive data mining software, Assay, to improve fundraising performance.

Assay collects, analyzes, and scores patterns of prospect data to discover high potential donors most likely to contribute to an organization. Based on the results, non-profit organizations can make informed, data-driven decisions to acquire major gifts faster.

The Geis Group needed assistance to increase awareness and clearly communicate the Assay value proposition to reach the right set of clients for their solution.

Improved Branding Creates Value

Data Mining ProcessStrategy collaborated with The Geis Group to clarify Assay messaging and develop consistent talking points for the sales team. We used this messaging as a framework to also update their website and sales presentation.

Scope of work:

  • Develop a consistent Powerpoint presentation to support expanding sales opportunities
  • Clarify messaging of Assay’s features and benefits
  • Create graphics to model the Assay process
  • Expand logo and other graphical elements to support the Assay brand

With the improved branding, The Geis Group has the tools to support their strategic direction, and guide future marketing efforts while building confidence in the brand.

Does Your Brand Need an Upgrade?

Strategy works with professional service providers to help them get a competitive edge. If you need help communicating your brand value, contact us today.

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