On January 14, 2020 Windows 7 will be officially designated as “end of life.”

What does this mean?

Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, upgrades, or other patches for the operating system or the office products.

Below are the details from Microsoft’s website regarding the impact of Windows 7 End of Life on your business:


After January 14th, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.

Running Windows 7 in your environment after their end of extended support date may expose your company to potential risks.

Security & Compliance Risks

Unsupported and unpatched environments are vulnerable to security risks, which may result in a suspension of certifications, and/or public notification of the organization’s inability to maintain its systems and customer information.

If you still have Windows 7 in your office, you’ll need to start planning a transition to newer operating systems and office products.

Also, you’ll need to consider hardware upgrades as most modern operating systems will not run on older systems designed for Windows 7.

What You Can Do

The good news is that you have options. 

For the operating system upgrades, you can move to Windows 10 or switch platforms completely to a Mac.

For Office, consider upgrading to Office 365, a robust platform from Microsoft. Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, this platform features tools and programs to keep your business up and running.

  • Users Work From Anywhere
  • Provides Robust Security and Reliability
  • Easy to Collaborate among Employees
  • Customized Solutions to Fit Your Organization’s Needs
  • And More!

Learn more about the new Office 365.

Time for an Upgrade?

If you need assistance getting your systems upgraded or figuring out which version of Windows or Office is right for you, contact us today!

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