When it comes to developing a strong web presence, blogging is vital.

It helps build trust with customers, shows your expertise and allows you to be found in search results.Here’s what blogging can do for you.

Answer Customer Questions

A website is a quick way for customers to find answers they’re looking for. Valuable content on a website increases the likely hood of conversions.

And the easiest way for businesses to develop content on a website is to answer customer questions on blogs.

Blogs provide an opportunity to go in-depth about a topic than a FAQs page allows, and offers customers rich specific content.

blogging gets results

Blogging Increases Website Traffic

When you write a blog post, it becomes another opportunity for your website to show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

With SEO your website’s visibility increases as search engines like Google and Bing comb through the internet to find relevant sites for search queries.

Blogging Success Stories

Jenkins and LeBlanc 

Jenkins & LeBlanc pediatric dentists’ blog is an excellent example of how content can be valuable to customers. Over six months, their blog “My Child Lost a Tooth…Now What?” generates 1,175website visits, coming from a variety of sources including Google, Bing, and Facebook.

In this case, as a pediatric dentistry blog, the target audience is parents who may not know what to do when their child loses their first tooth. By directly answering parents’ questions, we engage and inform visitors as they visit the website.

Blogging brings website visitors


The next case study comes from our own Strategy blog where we answer the question, “Why is Branding Important?” In this blog topic, we guide the reader through the importance of the branding process, which is essential for creating awareness and an identity for a business.

This blog consistently drives around 8,000 visits per month to the Strategy website. Additionally, we’ve added more valuable content for the readers by adding our branding e-book. Victories like this blog and the resulting SEO traffic gains enable us to reach new customers and increase leads.

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Anyone can use blogging and the power of SEO to improve their presence on the internet. Strategy can help you enhance your website content to increase website traffic while engaging your customers. Interested in learning more about blogging and SEO? Contact us today!

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