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Time for a Tech Check

When is the last time you did an audit of your network, computers, or other technology systems? More than 2 years?

If you’re still living in the Stone Age with outdated technology, you’re missing out.

Tech is rapidly changing. And for businesses everywhere, there’s a world of opportunity to increase productivity AND save money.

In our 20 years of experience, we have audited hundreds of businesses who we’ve discovered could improve their technology in ways to help staff increase capacity while reducing overall technology overhead. For instance, companies who are using phone systems over 3 years old are often shocked that we can save them up to 60% of their phone-related costs with a new Hosted VoIP system.

One non-profit we worked with recently saved $40,000+ on their phone bills while a local small municipality saved over $6,000 and a small business saved over $5,000.

Check out how much this one simple aspect of technology could save you.

If your server or network hardware is aging, this may be a perfect time to move to the cloud. Doing so would reduce capital costs significantly as you look to upgrade hardware but would also save electrical and maintenance costs.

Not only could this potentially reduce costs but would increase productivity from staff as it would enable them to work anywhere anytime as needed. While reducing costs and increasing productivity, it would also enhance security and provide better disaster recovery. The benefits are amazing.

These are just two easy examples of why a technology audit should be completed regularly. Has it been too long? Connect with Strategy today!

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