A properly designed logo can help take a company and their brand to the next level. There are substantial benefits to producing a good company logo, such as advancing the recognition of your brand, standing out from your competitors, and showing your consumers your identity.

Without a solid logo, your business could fail in simply grabbing the attention of your target audience. With the attention spans of consumers being shorter than ever, it’s crucial that your logo attracts quick recognition. Find out how you can create a logo that’s notable, lasting, and eye catching.

Convey Your Intended Message

A logo is not just a way for consumers to recognize your brand. It is the face of your company. It must clearly communicate who YOU are. It is the first impression of what your company does, stands for, and values. It is imprinted on your social media, business cards, billboards, and website.

Having an intentional meaning behind your logo will translate to your customers and keep them interacting with your business. If you wish to appear professional at first glance, then your logo might be clean and classy. Going for a children’s audience? Make it more fun and playful. Use your logo to express why you do what you do.

Keep it Simple and Versatile

Although you don’t want a boring logo that gets lost in the crowd, the best logos are often unexpected and distinct without being unnecessarily complex. Less here is truly more. When logos become overly complicated, they tend to take away from readability and divert consumer’s attention.

When you consider logos such as Nike or Apple, they are incredibly effortless, and it wouldn’t take most consumers more than a second to recognize the brand. The simpler the design, the more it catches the eye.

A straightforward logo also allows for better versatility. Your logo should remain effective in one color, reverse color, black and white, and blown up or shrunk in size. An extremely detailed logo might be difficult to send across a variety of media and applications. For this reason, it is also best to design your logo in vector format.

Be Intentional with Fonts and Colors

There is no rule that says you are required to use words or color on your logo, but odds are you most likely will. This is the time for you to get creative. Play around with all caps for a stronger look, or lowercase letters for a more approachable message. Soften your all caps by using cooler toned colors.

Let your brand personality guide you to choose your fonts and colors. How do you want to sound and feel to your audience? No matter what you decide, it’s necessary that your logo have good visual balance when it comes to picking colors and aligning text. Use colors that work well together, and if you have a tagline, verify that it’s shorter in length and smaller in size than the title.

Make it Timeless

Leave the trends to the fashion industry! Although it might be tempting to jump on what’s popular right now, design trends come and go. Neon might be all the rage during the summer, but come winter, neutrals could be running the show.

Longevity is key. To keep a loyal consumer base, it’s important that you are consistent with your branding, and your logo is that foundation. Design it so if subtle changes must be made, it doesn’t fully change your image. Your logo is one of your company’s most important constants, so don’t let it expire six months after creation.

Be Unique and Memorable

Consider a few logos that stick with you. Why do you think that is? Focus on creating a design that’s easy to remember. Research your competition and see how you can use that to your advantage when creating your logo. Are all your competitors monochromatic? Do the opposite!

Incorporating the uniqueness of your brand message and values is sure to make you stand out. You are attempting to attract the people you desire, so create a logo that is going to bring in your target audience.

Final Tips

  • Begin your logo creation in black and white to make it less distracting originally.
  • There’s no need to be too literal. Just because you own an Italian restaurant doesn’t mean your logo has to be a bowl of spaghetti. The more abstract, the more eternal.
  • You don’t need to use symbols. A simple wordmark can work just as well if crafted properly.
  • Get second, third, and fourth opinions.
  • Make it YOURS!

Let us Help You Rise Above the Brand Noise

A logo is the first building block in your brand identity. Whether you are a start-up company ready to embark on the identity creation process or you are an established business looking to refresh or modernize your current look, our designers at Strategy Marketing Agency can create something unique just for you.

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