Your website is an essential part of your digital presence. It tells customers who you are, what services you provide, and why they should do business with you. But to offer your customers a personalized user experience with customized access to data, you need a web portal.

What is a Web Portal?

Many websites are static, meaning that the same information is shown to all visitors. With a web portal, your customers log in with a personal account and have a customized user experience based on who logged in.

For example, a customer who purchases from you can log in to your site and view previous orders, purchase history, or special pricing that is customer specific. Before web portals, the customer would need a direct contact or representative to access this information.

Web portals can also be used to offer subscriptions or memberships with “members only” content. Online blogs and magazines are able to restrict access to articles and content to paid subscribers while still offering limited content to non-subscribers.

Web Portal Success Stories

Association of Independent Liebert Representatives

The Association of Independent Liebert Representatives (AILR) needed a website to act as a communication vehicle for the 60+ companies in the association. We built a web portal that allows members of each company to log in, update their information, add staff and member information to their profile, and search for other members nationwide with Google Maps integration.

The web portal also functions as an internal forum for the association. Companies can send mass emails to targeted groups, use the forums for cross-channel communication about company events and products, or even post used products for sale to other companies.

World Weather, Inc

World Weather, Inc wanted to sell their customers personalized subscription services that provided weather and agricultural data from different parts of the world. We built a portal that provides customers access to specialized weather forecasts and information, like weather prediction models and forecasts of crop yields worldwide, that they can’t find online.

The portal manages the weather and agricultural information, making it easy for World Weather to upload new maps and content that’s easily searchable. It also restricts the information a user can see based on their specific subscription, so their customers don’t pay for data they don’t need.

Building Better Moms

This nationwide non-profit sells memberships to churches to access specialized training and teaching materials for group classes and Bible studies. We created a web portal that allows their customers to purchase and access products like lesson plans, marketing materials, guest speaker videos, and other products.

Turn your website into a dynamic web portal to deliver a personalized user experience to your customers. You can offer memberships with exclusive content, enable user purchase history, integrate with internal CRM systems and much more. Contact Strategy today and we’ll show you how.

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