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The Customer Experience

I recently enjoyed my first trip to Trader Joes. I was hesitant and not exactly excited, but my wife and nearly every fifth person I came across praised the merits of the organic grocery store. I must say, I think it was one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had in a long time.

They have captured an amazing culture of great customer service. I’ve rarely witnessed the joy and delight of employees who truly seemed to love their jobs. From the stockers to the checkout folks, it was awesome and addictive. I understand why people rave about Trader Joes. I’m excited to go back, I’m proud to support such a company with my grocery budget and I became a raving fan after one single experience. All of the marketing dollars in the world can’t compete with an organization who is truly committed to great customer service.

Do you want to gain new customers? Gain more brand awareness? Breed a culture of amazing service in your organization and your customers will rabidly spread your message… Want to go viral? Stand out by fostering excellent customer relationships.

The quickest way to waste your marketing money is to not live up to the hype….if you’re going to hype…you’ve got to not only meet the expectation, but exceed it. Trader Joes does it in an amazing retro small town kind of way. How about you?

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