At one time or another everyone forgets to check the website links they’ve included on their pages. But there is one hard rule never to forget about internal and external links on our sites. It’s one very important tip.

Never forget!

Okay, in all seriousness, it’s true. We must remember to continually check our website links. They can change at the drop of a hat. That’s fast by the way. You can have awesome content, current images, amazing products, but if the links you supply stop working then you basically have a page dead in the water.

Easy, right? Easy to do for certain. Easy to remember, not so much.

Not only will broken links hurt your ranking among the search engines, but potential clients may view this as a sign that your website is not maintained. You certainly don’t want to give the impression you don’t care about their visit by leaving them hanging. If you change a page or link on your site, then you need to update that link everywhere you’ve left it, including on external sites. You have no control over other website page changes and eliminations, but you can keep a watchful eye on the links you insert on your pages. Making sure they work correctly and go to the pages you intend for them to is very important.

Another good mini-tip to remember:

Have all external links open in a new window. Why? Because if the external site doesn’t offer the information your client is looking for then your website will still be open in their browser. Which means they can go to it and view more. It’s the opposite truth of: out of sight, out of mind. You are choosing outside sources to corroborate your expertise, not lose a client. Keep YOUR clients engaged at all times.

Our Tip #5: Use Simple and Concise Placement of Most Important Links and Information tells why placement is important. These tips really go a long way on the road to your expertise shining brightly on the world wide web.

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