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As we continue our Top 10 list for successfully marketing your website and company, keep in mind that a well rounded strategy makes all the difference between you and your competitors.

So are you ready for Strategy’s “Tip #2”? It’s an easy one:

Update frequently!

Yes, it IS easy. It just takes a bit of time. But it is well worth the time spent, because it shows your customers that you are there to meet their needs. You will be pleasantly surprised when your customers “like” your updates about a product on Facebook, retweet a tweet you put on twitter about your companies charitable event projects, and comment on your blog post that presents your product in a whole new light. You will start to see those “likes”, tweets, and comments turn into inquiries and purchases, because your customers will see your company as the expert on the product you offer.

Updating your website frequently helps tremendously too. As people search for the product you have to offer, your updates with proper keywords will boost you to the front of the pack on search engines. Be sure to keep that Content authoritative and meaningful as we discussed in Tip #1 of this series. Content is King, but updating frequently might just be Queen. Stay tuned for more tips in this series from Strategy!

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