Email is a wonderful communication tool that every industry uses today.  

While there are many free services available to create email accounts for individuals or businesses, there comes a point where Gmail might be doing more harm than good. 

Creating your own email domain is a simple process that business owners should consider in order to create a professional brand. With the number of emails we open every day, your domain becomes an important face for your business identity.  

Where to begin? We will break down the benefits of a professional email account and review the best services for creating a custom domain available to you! 

Why Should I Have a Business Email?

The key benefits of creating a custom email domain for your business involve credibility and security. 

For both business owners and customers, a business email will bring your company to the next level: 

Builds Credibility with Your Business 

A professional email for your business helps you gain a higher level of trust with your audiences!  

Having both a website and an email with the same domain creates a cohesive brand, and cohesiveness reflects organization and diligence upon the business itself. A non-branded email domain, such as Gmail, gives the impression of an individual trying to communicate with you instead of a collective organization. 

When customers can easily recognize your emails and messages, your brand becomes stronger. Your goals, values, promotions, and services are more closely connected to your business. 

Improves Engagement with Your Audience 

When your customers and contacts trust your emails, they are more likely to engage with your messages. 

A custom domain distinguishes your emails as professional campaigns rather than suspicious spam. This is a great way to ensure more customers open and read your mail.  

More customers engaging with your campaigns means building a stronger relationship with your audience, encouraging more repeat customers. 

Bolster Data Security 

Creating a business email will keep your data more secure and increase your cybersecurity. 

Many free email services are more frequently hacked than private domains. They also tend to be targets of more spam and malware attacks. 

Large email services also have a higher risk of crashing or even closing without warning, which can be a major roadblock in business production and dent in profit. Having a custom email domain will better ensure your business stays on schedule. 

What is the Best Email for Business? 

So, you’re making the shift to a professional email domain; where should you start?  

When looking for a professionally branded email address, consider other key features that would be beneficial for your organization: 

  • Storage and backup for email, contacts, and calendars 
  • Sync capabilities 
  • Desktop and Cloud Application 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Collaboration and productivity tools 

Microsoft Outlook 

While there are many email platforms out there, the best solution is a flexible system that helps your business with day-to-day productivity. Microsoft Outlook is just the right platform for the job. 

Outlook empowers you to work efficiently from anywhere with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more.  

As part of the Microsoft 365 subscription models, Business Premium and Enterprise offers your business a competitive advantage. 

While Outlook is just one of the many features of the platform, you can also get office productivity apps and collaboration tools. It can also help manage devices, protect against cyber threats, and more. 

How Do I Get Started? 

If you haven’t already, get a custom email domain for your business with the help of professional experts. Or if you don’t want the hassle of changing email platforms, we can do it for you with disruption for your business.  

When you take on the challenge of bringing your business to the next level, Strategy is here to help. Not only can we provide Microsoft 365 to our clients, but we also provide 24/7 technology assistance to ensure your business is always running smoothly. Get in contact with us today to discover more solutions for your business.  

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