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Business Phone Savings Switch

Phone systems are a crucial component of any business, but depending on the size and scope of an organization, these systems can cause extensive expenses.

Recent technological developments have brought a new technology to the forefront of the phone system world: Hosted Voice over Internet Provider, known as Hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP phone systems use the internet instead of landlines to make calls and bring a wealth of new, useful features to businesses.

Switching from a landline system to a better, high quality Hosted VoIP system can save businesses between 40-60% on monthly bills and improve service and call quality. Our Business Phone Calculator can estimate how much your business could save by making the switch.

Check out these examples of businesses who made the switch:

Massive System Replacement

Multi-Office, Regional Non-profit

Business Phone Savings 4200The client realized they were wasting a tremendous amount of time and money on an old and failing system; they needed to make a change. The result was replacing 15 fax lines and 260 individual phones over 10 locations.

Before the change, the original phone and internet bill for all locations was more than $10,000 per month. With the updated faxes and phones, their new bill is over $1,000 less per month, and in a 3-year term they will experience more than $42,000 in savings.

The change in systems, and the drop in monthly price, means this non-profit can spend more time and money focused on helping those in need.

Global Calls Made Local

International Airline Broker

The widespread nature of this international organization, with offices in Turkey, Dubai, London, and the U.S., led to difficult communication and expensive fees for calls. The solution was Hosted VoIP, which allows international calls and transfers to any of the offices around the globe with no long-distance costs. With only four physical phones, the agents take advantage of the “Soft Phone” function, extending Hosted VoIP to personal cell phones and replacing a desk phone.

Once an app is installed on an individual phone using the Soft Phone function on Hosted VoIP, they are able to work from anywhere, at any time.

System Upgrade

Multi-Office Orthodontic Practice

A prevalent orthodontist in the Kansas City area suffered from a common problem: an outdated and expensive phone system. While upgrading their system, the orthodontists replaced outdated equipment and added 100 new and modern phones in 13 offices. These changes reduced their monthly internet and phone bill by over $1,000; resulting in a 3-year term savings of more than $42,000.

Business Phone Replacement Savings

Substantial monthly savings like this allow the practice to focus on building their business and creating more beautiful smiles.

Phone Replacement

Local Kansas City Municipality

A local Kansas City Municipality serves an important purpose for the towns they represent. Due to the size of the municipality, a single phone and fax line was needed. After upgrading to a Hosted VoIP system, they will experience more than $6,000 in savings over the course of 3 years.

System Replacement and Expansion

Single Office Dental Practice

A medium-size practice replaced 16 phones throughout their office. Included were phones at each work station, individual offices, and several in the reception area. The enhanced level of communication allows the practice to work efficiently, respond to clients immediately, and organize staff effectively.

How Much Can You Save on Your Monthly Phone Bill?

You could reduce your phone bill 40-60% by switching to a new cloud-based VoIP system.

Our Business Phone Calculator will estimate your monthly savings.

Calculate Your Savings!

The Future is Calling

Phone systems have become more than just a way to make calls; they actively propel your business into profitability and success.

If your system can’t keep up, or if your bill is a drain on your business, it’s time for a change. Contact Strategy today for lower bills, better calls, and stronger business.

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