In order to gain a competitive edge, businesses seek partners to help fill in the gaps where needed. For example, when building a house, a general contractor partners with carpenters, plumbers, and electricians who have their own individual skill sets to help complete the job.

The same is true for business: a network of reliable partners increases efficiency, reduces operational costs, spurs company growth, and improves results.

How We Work With Agencies

As a full-service agency, Strategy works with strategic partners, managed service providers, and other agencies to provide marketing and technology solutions. Whether you want to reach more customers with brand development, drive sales through a digital presence, or need strategic IT consulting and integration, we can help fulfill your business objectives.

In some cases, our role is transparent (white label) to the end client – they only deal with the partner agency, and the agency works with us. In other cases, Strategy and the service provider work together with the client.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency, Minimize Downtime

Sybran Communications

Sybran Communications, an independent telecommunication-consulting agency, sought Strategy’s help to fulfill the growing demand of their clients’ technology needs.

We partnered with them to improve efficiency for JMS, a senior living company that needed communication upgrades in 9 nursing homes throughout Missouri.

Sybran had strong product knowledge and access to data, voice, and wireless equipment, but didn’t have the available workforce to execute installations for JMS.

Strategy performed technology assessments to determine if the JMS office infrastructure supported upgrades. Next, we developed a strategic plan to make sure the employment of Sybran’s data, voice, and wireless equipment was successful. After we determined our plan supported the office infrastructure, we added 2,500 feet of cabling, installed new phone systems, and upgraded their networks and firewalls.

Our approach helped complete the job quickly, which minimized downtime and improved productivity for JMS employees.

Our Value as a Technology & Communications Partner

With the growing demand of technology in the workplace, businesses need a reliable IT infrastructure to support growth, scalability, objectives, and budget. Many businesses rely on an IT partner to quickly implement cost-effective solutions so they can pursue other priorities.

Whether businesses are upgrading their voice and data systems, connecting multiple offices, or need data management and security, Strategy works with a variety of industries to offer affordable solutions.

Need Help with an Upcoming Project?

Strategy provides value to all of our client relationships. Whether you need help launching a new office location or upgrading computer systems, we partner with you to give your clients a competitive advantage. Contact us today to learn more.

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