Managed IT Services

Proactive, Cost-Effective IT Management.

Choosing Strategy as your Kansas City Managed Service Provider means access to local professional unlimited support, a resource few other companies offer.

A comprehensive Managed Services plan is an efficient way to stay up-to-date with the latest technology while maintaining around the clock access to our trained staff of professionals. Choosing Strategy as your Managed Services partner in Kansas City will improve the quality of performance and help internal team members address issues quickly.

With our unlimited help desk in your toolkit, you’ll get the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced risk, and downtime prevention. Plus, you’ll save money and get more value than traditional hourly Managed Services plans.

Managed Help Desk

In addition to managing everything in your network, access to our Managed Help Desk gives you the added value of 24/7 monitoring, preventative maintenance, and necessary security patches.

Increase cost efficiency with an unlimited plan, or choose a standard plan depending on your organization’s needs and resources.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed ServicesOur disaster recovery services provide the protection you’ll need to mitigate data loss and ensure operations are restored quickly.

Storage area networks allow for more flexible data management and ensure effective data backup and recovery. Data can be relocated from one storage device to another without interacting with a server.

Monitoring Server and Network Health

Networks and servers can be essential when it comes to your technology infrastructure. In addition to monitoring data storage limits, we’ll review the error logs of your applications and systems to identify issues, prevent downtime, and maintain server performance.

We’ll also handle the management of your wireless networks and firewalls. Cloud-enabled networking reduces the cost and complexity of network deployment while providing you with optimal performance and security. Managed Firewall solutions ensure internal networks and systems are protected from malicious activity.

Updating Licenses and Software

Don’t worry about keeping tabs on your software to make sure you’re running the latest version. We’ll improve your system’s performance and protect it from security threats by keeping your software up to date.

Unreliable software is often responsible for data breaches. Determining if any Windows or third-party software updates are missing and effectively patching these systems will keep your IT environment intact.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports provide you with information detailing server and network performance. You’ll receive useful recommendations and in-depth data analysis to stay on top of your technology investment.

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