Help! My Website is Disabled.

It finally happened. LightCMS has closed its doors to websites across the world.

Look familiar?

Lightcms Website Disabled

Yikes. For anyone, this is a nightmare. The downside – many website owners who use the LightCMS platform are still unsure of what they’ll do.

But guess what? Did you know you can still save your site?

Read on to see the a recent update.

A LightCMS Update

Here’s the updated email you may have received in your inbox:

Extension of LightCMS End of Life to October 31, 2020

Dear Customer,

We previously provided you with the announcement that our LightCMS Service was reaching end of life and that we would not provide service past May 31, 2020.

We appreciate the efforts that all of you are making to meet this deadline, but with the pandemic that has touched each of us, we have made the determination that we need to extend this deadline so that you can complete your transition to another site and be ready for the end of life of LightCMS.

We will continue to host the LightCMS Service until October 31, 2020, our revised Last Date of Service.

After the Last Date of Service you will have thirty (30) days to retrieve Customer Data from the LightCMS Service environment; at the end of that period you will no longer have access to the LightCMS Service or Customer Data and your Websites as described in the LightCMS Terms of Service.

Please ensure that all appropriate contacts in your company are made aware of this notice.

Thank you for being a valued customer and if you have any questions, please contact us via the LightCMS support team.


The LightCMS Team

So, What Can You Do to Save Your Website?

Great news, your data is still saved in their database, which means you can still transfer your website!.

Here’s how you can ensure your website remains online.

Easily Move Your Website Content with Strategy

Save your website and business by migrating to an alternative, premier website solution better than LightCMS

Strategy’s website platform is created by marketing and developer experts who also have experience in building sites in LightCMS.

Not only does it feature the same user-friendly features of LightCMS it includes other premium modules to help scale your business.

LightCMS Migration Process Made Simple

STEP 1: Act Now, Request a Demo

Give us a call at 913.440.0672 or shoot us an email at [email protected] to discuss how we can save your essential website worry-free.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Website’s Template

On our premium website platform, we’ll create the core site design to match your logo/branding as it currently looks on LightCMS.

STEP 3: Transfer All of the Content You Need to Save

We’ll transfer your website pages, blog posts and more to be replicated in the new platform. As we build, we’ll format the content to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

STEP 4: Test, QA, & Launch

Before the site is launched, we’ll test it across current versions of major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and more. Our team will also train you on how to use your website so you feel confident being in control of your new website.

STEP 5: Your Website is Saved and Back Online!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your LightCMS website migration will be effortlessly handled by real marketers and developers so you can go back to focusing on what’s important to you.


Your website is saved and looking better than ever. Feels great, doesn’t it?

Light CMS Migration FAQs

What’s your experience with LightCMS?

We’re well familiar with the platform. We’ve designed, developed, and migrated several websites on the LightCMS platform.

Will my site look like it does on LightCMS?

Yes, and even better! We’ll enhance your brand’s integrity to ensure it’s optimized across many browsers and screen sizes.

Can I redesign my site as a part of the migration?

Absolutely. Just let us know all the bells and whistles you’re aiming for, and we’ll happily create a dynamic website design that you and your customers will love.

Can I add new features?

Yes! Our platform can include galleries, blog posts, email sign-ups, forms, event calendars, and so much more. Just let our team know what features you need to add.

How long does migration take?

The migration timeline depends on the size of your site. We’re booking migrations fast, so get in touch by calling 913.440.0672 or email [email protected] to get yours in our queue as soon as possible.

Does your platform utilize SEO best practices?

Yes! We have in-house SEO experts who take development very seriously. In fact, the new website is built with SEO strategy at the forefront.

Paired with our managed website hosting, we make sure your site loads fast and is optimized across a variety of browsers.

Advantages of Strategy’s Website Migration

  • Experienced team of marketing and web development professionals will be handling your migration needs
  • Keep all your existing content, images, videos, and more
  • Enhance and request new features for your website
  • Easily update, create, and manage your website content with drag and drop tools
  • Get trained on how to use the website platform from your Strategy team
  • Don’t worry about managing your site, our monthly managed hosting ensures your site is always optimally running

Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help

Get your website up and running with a team behind you to help reach your goals.

Our schedule is filling fast, call 913.440.0672 or email [email protected] to schedule your free consultation and request a demo.

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