Having someone on your staff who’s “good with IT stuff” isn’t enough.

You need a dedicated team of tech specialists who provide a full range of help desk support and managed services to minimize downtime and maintain efficiency.

The technology that keeps a business running is complicated and interwoven through multiple systems. One problem in a server could affect employee workstations, website security, or a host of other issues.

Doing IT on your own can cause many problems. Here are some reasons why you should use an outside company to help manage your tech support:

1. Wide Range of Expertise

Technology infrastructure works like a team.

If one part of the team breaks down, it affects many other systems. And if your staff member only has experience with a certain system or hardware, you may not be aware of how that system or hardware connects with the other components in your IT infrastructure.

A team of support specialists will have the knowledge and experience to work on a variety of servers, software, hardware, and other technology your business uses. They’ll know how each part works with the others and what steps are needed to prevent future problems and downtime.

2. Security is Too Important

Being able to fix an existing problem isn’t enough. Real security means securing all aspects of your technology before problems occur.

A dedicated help desk support team address security issues within networks, cloud-based data, physical systems, workstations, and more. They can secure the entire operation and eliminate gaps in your security plan.

3. Proper Training Takes Time and Money

If you’re doing IT in-house, does your budget include keeping up-to-date on the latest security measures? Or training for all the software and hardware you use?

If an employee’s primary job isn’t IT, training will take them away from their business priorities, which can cause sales and other performance to suffer.

Help desk support professionals are trained in the latest security and technology advances, so your employees can focus on their main priorities.

4. Employees Still Need Real Security Training

User error is one of the largest sources of security issues, which can lead to downtime and lost revenue.

Employees need security training to avoid these errors, and a help desk support team has the experience to properly train users on basic security like password strength and safe browsing.

Additionally, with dedicated help desk support, employees are also less likely to attempt to fix their own tech problems, which could end up saving your business from additional problems.

Let’s Work Together

Keeping IT in-house might initially appear to save money, but, in the long run, there are problems that only professionals can fix.

Help desk support means you have well-trained professionals on your side who can keep your systems running efficiently and reduce outages and downtime in case of emergencies.

Contact Strategy today to learn how our help desk support and managed services can keep your technology and security current and effective, allowing your business to run smoothly with minimal interruptions.

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