HIPAA Compliance – How Healthy is Your Company?

Top 3 Causes Of Data Breach

As a healthcare provider, it’s important to protect your practice against HIPAA violations. If you’re not up to date with the latest HIPAA Compliance and technology, then you could be putting your practice and patients at risk. Breaches in your security could lead to fines, loss of business, and more. Check out the statistics about HIPAA in the infographic below:

HIPAA Compliance Infographic

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HIPAA violations are preventable. Be sure your practice has a HIPAA compliance plan and is using best practices to secure data and manage technology to minimize the risks.

Are you concerned about your practice? Strategy can assess your company’s IT infrastructure and implement a plan to help your practice from hidden HIPAA threats. Contact one of our IT experts today.

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HIPAA violations can cost you more than thousands of dollars. It can damage your reputation and result in loss of business.
Can you afford to take that risk?
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