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Is email marketing part of your strategy?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with prospects and customers to generate leads and build long lasting relationships.

We offer professionally executed email marketing campaigns, high-quality strategy, design, deployment, list management, tracking, testing, and more.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing ServicesSend offers, events, and informative content straight to your target audience’s inbox.

We’ll help create an email marketing strategy to turn subscribers into lifelong customers. We can help you clean, segment, and group your audience to deliver key messages and generate results.

Consider an automated series of emails based on a trigger event. For example, new email subscribers might get three emails which introduce them to your company, products, or a case study.

Email automation is often used for events and ecommerce as well, like thanking for customers for a recent purchase and ask for a review.

Email Content Development

Create eye-catching campaigns that engage and convert customers. We’ll evaluate and develop everything from messaging, to call to actions, and programming for links, video, and other elements.

Whether you want to keep subscribers up to date with email newsletters, extend a specific sales offer, or distribute an announcement or invitation, we’ll deliver key messages that engage and convert.

Branded Email Design

Email Design Services DetailAn email design that represents the look and feel of your company will help reinforce brand awareness and direct readers to specific next steps.

We’ll design a branded email template that gets users attention paired with creative messaging with a strong call-to-action.

Audience Segmentation

Deliver unique content to your fans with audience segmentation. We’ll help you analyze your email list, segment their interests, and more for better engagement and leads.

Landing Page Optimization

Are you sending traffic to a page that converts? We’ll help you optimize your website for better engagement and conversions so you can get the most out of your email marketing.

Tactics include optimizing the user experience and testing variables such as form fields, headlines, images, call to actions, and overall landing page layout.

Campaign Management

Stay connected and nurture customers by sending out weekly or monthly newsletters to keep your subscribers informed and engaged.

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