Digital signage has increasingly become an innovative communications medium, but has your organization unleashed its potential yet?

First of all, what is digital signage? It’s the way of the future.

Digital signage is a monitor or screen which allows you to dynamically display content, videos, and other rich media types. The platform uses an internet connection to broadcast across multiple locations and devices.

Stores, hospitals, offices, venues, and institutions utilize this digital communications platform to share information, connect with audiences, advertise, share upcoming events, and more.

Here’s how a digital signage system elevated communications between staff and students at a community college in Nebraska.

Northeast Community College

We recently partnered with Northeast Community College to create a custom digital signage system to unify communication across multiple campuses throughout the state.

The system allows them to create different content to share including text, images, slides, and videos. And even better, it updates everything in real time. So in the event of school closings, severe weather or other emergencies, Northeast can keep staff, students, and visitors always up to date.

7 Ways to Use Digital Signage

Wondering if digital signage is right for you? Check out our top 7 ways digital signage can impact your organization:

Reinforce Brand Message

1) Reinforce Your Brand Message

Digital signage allows you to communicate your brand effectively and consistently. You can extend your brand into every space where staff and customers frequent, including outdoors.

2) Welcome Customers

Digital signage can provide new customers with directions, announcements, or other critical customer service directions, allowing them to feel comfortable in your space.

Display Digital Ads

3) Display Digital Ads & Specials

If you’re a restaurant or retail store, digital displays with menu boards or product specials are like having another salesperson on the floor.

4) Showcase Products & Services

Digital signage is a much more effective and engaging marketing vehicle than posters or brochures.

5) Increase Awareness

As people are waiting in line or in your lobby, digital signage allows you to effectively communicate new services or products as well as various news, special events or other critical messages.

6) Alert Staff and Customers of Emergency Situations

You never know when something unexpected will happen. Digital signage can allow you to quickly notify everyone in your facilities to take cover in an emergency.

Save On Print

7) Save on Print

Digital signage is much more effective than print materials and much less expensive, while being able to be updated instantly at no cost.

8) Increase Revenue

Digital displays increase customer awareness and are proven to increase in-store purchases due to the increased awareness and ability to quickly and effectively communicate promotions throughout the store.

Have more questions? Connect with us today to see how you can implement digital signage in your company.


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