What you should know to keep your SEO strong

Every business wants to rank well in Google. Why? Because Google is king. But, as the king, it also gets to set (and change) the rules by which we must play if we’re going to get the results we’re after. That’s why it is critical to stay up to date on what the search engine giant is doing as they seek to create better, more accurate results for the end-user.


Techradar.pro is reporting that Google is bringing a major change to its algorithms in the coming months designed to “crack down on content designed to perform well in search engines instead of directly addressing the needs of human readers.” In other words, Google is going to take a more strategic approach to look at the quality of content on websites to increase users’ satisfaction with search results.

Google’s Danny Sullivan explains that a higher premium will be placed on original, first-hand content that has the purpose of informing the end user. “This update aggregates a variety of signals about the page and site to determine the ranking of a page, but you can primarily describe the content as helpful, and designed to help or inform people rather than rank well on search engines,” he says. “Specific tactics creators can take into account with their content include clearly demonstrating first-hand experience or depth of knowledge with a topic and giving your site (and content) a primary purpose or focus.”


Our marketing team at Strategy recommends placing a strong emphasis on the quality of your content; an approach we take with our clients. Here are some practices to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t be lazy. Write original content. Avoid aggregating information from other sites onto your site. Yes, you should bring authority to your content with the proper use of research and use appropriate links and citations. It’s a bit like writing your school research paper. You wouldn’t just give the teacher a page full of bulleted content pasted from other sources. And if you can bring some level of insight and expertise that is not easily found someplace else, you’re golden.
  2. Change your approach. Don’t sit down to write content with the mindset of “how can I get this page to rank well.” Instead, think, “how can I deliver great, useful and informative content.” Ironically, if you do the latter, you’ll accomplish the former.
  3. Avoid the temptation to cheat the system. And don’t listen to those countless email offers that promise to drastically improve your search rankings in a few weeks for just $100. Those scams will only do you more harm than good. Look to a trusted, reliable source to help you strategically approach SEO in a healthy, productive way. Remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.


At the end of the day, all of us should appreciate Google’s ongoing attempts to deliver higher quality search results. Both from the perspective of a user and a business. Staying informed of these attempts and applying healthy SEO strategies will result in better rankings for your business which will bring the website traffic you’re looking for. The Strategy team is always here and ready to help. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can partner with you to improve your SEO.

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