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Receptionist Administrative Assistant

What You’d Be Doing

The person best suited for this position is an excellent communicator; able to remain calm and composed, especially in emergency situations; able to multi-task, choosing the appropriate action with little supervision. The goal is to empower team members to effectively complete their daily tasks, especially with guests.

The person in this position:

  • Connects team members, clients, potential clients, vendors, and other guests. Initial emergency response.
  • Keeps accurate and timely schedules, recording opportunities and work.
  • Works with the team to engage incoming and outgoing contacts.

This goal outlined above will be met with these tasks and other duties assigned:

  • Guest Service: Create the best Strategy first impression at our main entrance and with all incoming calls and other contacts.
  • Answer with a genuine smile and direct all incoming telephone calls and other contacts to their next step or the appropriate team member.
  • Care for guests warmly throughout the hand-off process (including security and safety procedures). Offer hospitality: bottled water, coffee, snacks, Guest Wi-Fi, and the rest room.
  • Maintain the guest environment from the parking lot to the conference and rest rooms: general office cleaning, window, office furniture, door, light, and other maintenance.
  • Act as a communication point for emergency and non-emergency contacts. Dispatch Sales, IT Staff, and other Team Members.
    • i. Be empowered as a gatekeeper for all our staff and with all Company policies and safety requirements. Be ready to initiate all alarms, loss prevention, and safety responses.
    • ii. Understand our safety policy, maintain all safety equipment, and implement initial care, apply first aid, contact 911 or other emergency services, direct first responders to on-site situations, know and communicate emergency shelter and evacuation procedures.
    • iii. Know lock down procedures for the facility. Be able to turn on and shut off all services (water, gas, electrical, telephone, Internet, and all alarms).

Receive from guests:

  • i. Calls, texts, chats, walk-ins, form submissions, Email, physical mail, packages, and other contact methods. Triage to determine next steps. Use diagnostic questions, to determine all IT, Marketing, Web, Print or other problems, questions, or comments. Utilize ticket submission and tracking, along with other note taking and follow up skills.
  • ii. Record significant information in appropriate systems. If you cannot solve the issue, escalate to an appropriate person, or take the predetermined next step in the process. Transmit messages, distribute deliveries.

Solutions Support:

  • Dispatch staff. Tech staff as a priority, sales next, then receive or initiate and track staff schedules: online and on-premise. Note their expected guests, meetings (update signage), and locations.
  • Make or assist with setting Sales and IT schedules, travel arrangements, assist in the preparation and recording of estimates, sales, billing, customer relationship notes, physical resources (vehicles, Strategy and Client supplies and equipment).
  • Research, and in collaboration with team members, initiate contacts with potential guests.
  • Inventory and order, under direction, all office resources for the sales, IT, and other staff (kitchen, office supplies, vehicle needs, etcetera).
  • Prepare and execute, as assigned, outgoing messages, calls, chats, proposals, and mail.
  • Website tickets, content loading, and quality assurance as assigned.

This is a full-time on-premises position (with occasional, limited local travel). Normal schedule will be Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a probationary period of one hundred and twenty (120) days. Adjustments to this schedule will occur occasionally.


  • A minimum of two (2) years Administrative Sales Support, Inside Sales skills, or of Customer-Facing experience is desired.
  • Must be an active listener with sound judgement and critical thinking
  • Proficient in communication (utilizing in-person one-on-one influence, all Microsoft365 products, Zoho, and other software in at least English, but Spanish and Sign Language are also desired)
  • Outstanding organizational and multitasking abilities, data entry, keyboarding, utilizing a variety of office equipment, filing, social media engagement, chatting, and call routing are required along with a High School Diploma or equivalent.

These qualifications are the minimum required skill set for this position.

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.