Technology continues to break through new glass ceilings. Advancements and new frontiers such as 5G connectivity, smart cities, and virtual reality are pushing society and industries to new limits.

And while technology is constantly evolving, many business owners feel stuck in the ancient times. Here are the top 3 benefits of using Microsoft 365 for your office to bring your organization into the new age!

What is Microsoft 365?

Today, a steady flow of communication, production, and remote access are essential to keep businesses operating smoothly.

Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing tool that is designed to help you work efficiently with applications such as Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, and more.

1. Access Anything, Anywhere

Microsoft 365 for Business is a cloud-based system, which means that all files created within the applications are uploaded into cloud storage. This allows your files and data to be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time!

Not only will you never be caught without a document in a presentation, but your entire network of teams and employees will have access to every file saved. Cloud storage eliminates the need to copy, attach, and email or otherwise cart files from one computer to another.

This access also extends to mobile phones and tablets, giving access to employees on-the-go.

Having remote access to the data within your business streamlines your production workflow by eliminating the time-consuming chores of sharing and hunting for files. Travelling and location changes also pose no threat to production timelines.

Especially in the time of social distancing, a remote access solution like Microsoft 365 is paramount to reach your goals whether you’re in office or working from home.

2. Communication and Collaboration

A remote workforce presents challenges with team communication and the ability to collaborate. Microsoft 365 for Business provides many tools to maintain the continuity of production.

Microsoft Teams

Applications, such as Microsoft Teams, provide simplified solutions to keep communication centralized and straightforward. Microsoft Teams has conference call functions that allow multi-party HD video chat. Direct messaging functions also allow for instant communication between employees anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook gives email a whole new name. Share mailboxes, calendars, and contacts with any team member while filtering your own inbox to suit your needs. Any employee can schedule a meeting, with an automatically generated Teams hyperlink, at a time that’s convenient to all attendees. If a new contact is added to a contact list via a mobile device, it is automatically updated across all other devices.


Documents stored on SharePoint can be edited in real-time by an entire team of collaborators. While editing a file, each participant can see who is viewing and editing the document, as well as the changes and comments that each team member has made. It’s a shared office experience that works wherever you are.

3. Upgrades and Robust Security

Microsoft 365 for Business protects your cloud storage and data while your workforce capitalizes on remote access capabilities.

Frequent Updates and Patches

Gone are the days of software releases and complete overhaul installments. Microsoft 365 releases patches and updates every year that are automatically applied to your system. This ensures that there is no downtime—and therefore loss in revenue—due to software improvements.

Issues of compatibility have also become extinct since all users will always be functioning on the most recent version of the system.

A streamline approach to software updates also contributes to its robust security system. In order to protect your cloud storage, Microsoft 365 incorporates two-factor identification logins, threat detection, and anti-malware features across all devices. Any potential threats to security are identified and stopped immediately so that your business is free to operate without any concerns.

Access Control

Administrators and business owners are also given the ability to control access permissions, so they know at any time, who has access to what. In addition, admins can grant permissions to entire teams of people, and can make access changes at any time, on any device.

Unlock the Power of Microsoft 365

Businesses are at the forefront of a technological revolution; Microsoft 365 for Business is the tool that brings it all together and will help put you on the fast track to success.

Subscriptions for Microsoft 365 are per-user and can be paid for annually or on a monthly basis. Therefore, budgeting is simple and predictable. Since upgrades are included in the licenses, there are no additional or unexpected fees. Even better — using the subscription-based model with Microsoft (as opposed to the traditional one-time licenses purchase) allows you to always have access to Microsoft’s newest solutions and apps.

Strategy is here to support your business needs through Microsoft 365. Our 24-hour Help Desk and other services can help you gain confidence in navigating new apps and features.

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