We know you have questions, so we cornered one of our IT experts in the office. Here are their answers to a handful of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

No! Windows 10 is not mature so if you do upgrade expect bugs and fixes, lots of them. Updates don’t always work perfectly, and sometimes one fix breaks something else. For most individuals and organizations, it’s best to wait on this one.

How can I create good passwords I can remember?

Try creating a pass phrase sentence. It will be easier to remember and you’ll be able to incorporate password requirements like capitals and numbers. For example, 2dayI’llGoWithU. Don’t use that!

How can I keep my website from being hacked?

Unique passwords are also essential to your website security. Don’t use one password for all of your applications and your website. In addition, apply regular software fixes to your website. These fixes are often addressing vulnerabilities so if these are piling up, give us a call.

How often should I do Windows updates?

Update Windows once a week. Just pick your favorite day of the week and have it be a designated “Update Windows” day! But really, you can set your computer to automatically do this for you. Here’s a hint: You can find this feature in System and Security in your Control Panel.

How can I be safe on the internet?

Think of the internet as a town full of nosy neighbors who want to know everything about you. You want to be on friendly terms but, not too friendly. Personal information should be minimal. You can keep your neighbors at bay with a fence, or as we say in the computer world, an anti-spyware program and firewall.

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