Northeast Community College, based in Norfolk, Nebraska, sought capital for the development of the Agriculture and Water Center of Excellence on their campus. Their goal was to expand learning opportunities for students and the community which emphasized agriculture science and research, workforce development, and partnership.

Marketing Campaign
Brand Development
Agriculture Science Development


Northeast needed help developing their campaign identity, messaging, and strategies to connect with current donors and extend their reach to new donors to raise $50 million dollars for the Agriculture and Water Center of Excellence.


To increase awareness and support Northeast Community College’s mission, we created the Nexus Campaign. Nexus means a connection linking two or more things, a connected group, or a central place. We used this definition to shape their brand identity and messaging across all channels, including:

  • Print, digital, and interactive materials
  • Website, videos, and Prezi
  • Story flyers, booklets, brochures, and logo

“I wanted you to know how much our Cabinet appreciates the work you’ve done with Nexus. It’s high quality. Nice job. Really nice job.”

-Derek Bierman, Northeast Community College

Nexus Portfolio Printables

Nexus Folder Mockup Outside

Nexus Brochure Mockup

Banner Mockup

Nexus Portfolio Website With Browser

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