Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund

The Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund is a non-profit organization in Olathe, led by community leaders and dedicated to helping local children in need.

Every year, support from the community helps to raise funds for local organizations that meet the basic needs of children including food, health care, clothing, school supplies, and more.

Visual Identity
Strengthen Brand
Increase Donations

The Challenge

The Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund sought help creating a visual identity to strengthen their brand as they connected with community partners and organizations to seek yearly donations.

The Solution

To build recognition, we helped them transition to a modern brand identity with fresh content to increase engagement and fundraising efforts.

The development of the brand and content helped strengthen their vision, while providing them with organizational cohesion and long-term success.

Our scope of work included:

  • Logo Development & Email Templates
  • Social Media & Event Branding
  • Donor Letters, Brochure & Flyers

“We are very proud to count on Strategy as a valued community partner and friend. They truly embody the commitment to excellence and the vibrant community spirit that make our city great.”

– Michael Copeland, Mayor of Olathe

Nonprofit Results

Flyer And Postcard

Event Materials

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