With the amount of digital content available at the click of a button, catching people’s attention is crucial to turning views into business. Adding photos or other graphics to your content is no longer just a good idea; it’s an essential part of your organization’s digital presence.

Every page of your website, every newsletter you email, should have at least one graphic or photo. Here are 6 types of photos that will enhance your organization’s digital content.

1. Headshots

Consider adding a “Meet the Team” page to your website with headshots of your employees. It will give your organization a more personal feel and make people more comfortable doing business with you.

2. Team / Group

A group photo of your work team is another great way to help people connect to your business. It’s the perfect header for a page of employee headshots, or for a company newsletter.

3. Work Events

Whether it’s a trade show or a birthday party, pictures of your employees at work events give people a look at what you’re doing behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid to post a few party pics, people will enjoy seeing your team have some fun.

4. Products

Descriptions aren’t enough; if you’re selling products, you should have at least one picture accompanying every item. You don’t have to just stick with plain product images. Try to include photos of people using or interacting with the product.

Another advantage of photos is the chance to add “alt tags” when posting them to the website. Alt tags are short descriptions in the website code for the images. They work especially well for products, using keywords to help boost the search engine results and getting more eyes on your inventory. But they should be added to all images to help your site’s SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

5. Locations

Make sure you have a selection of good exterior shots of your business. Be sure to include any signage with your organization’s name, it’s a great opportunity for some extra brand awareness.

6. Facilities

Once you’ve got some good shots of the outside of your business, it’s time to head indoors. Pictures of your team working in their facility give you a chance to show off the services you provide. If your team travels to other locations to do their work, get some shots of them on the job.

Pictures aren’t the only digital graphic assets you can use to enhance your content. Make some videos to demonstrate your services or show your team in action. You can even have custom icons made for your website to make it more visually appealing to visitors.

Strategy can plan and execute a photo shoot, help you find the right stock photography, and create graphics to catch your customer’s attention. Contact us today and we’ll help you create the graphic assets you need to turn page views into business.


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