With thousands of businesses like yours, how do you stand out? Why should customers choose your business rather than the one down the block or in the same city?

Engaging your customers and building strong customer relations are critical for your business’s success.

Start a conversation and attract customers with these simple tips.

#1 Listen to Your Customer

Build a successful relationship by listening to the customer. It’s a simple tactic that can have a big impact on engagement.

Show a personal interest. Remember their background, preferences, and concerns.

You’ll get to know your customer, understand their goals, and learn about their needs, desires, and more. Solicit input when necessary, but always make the customer a priority.

In return, customers will feel supported by you.

#2 Make it Personal

So, you’ve had the conversation, you’ve gained plenty of insights. Now, it’s time to put it to use.

Based on their needs, create personalized messages, offers, and rewards. Or create educational content to add value to their experience. Customers will be more likely to engage with the content if it interests them.

#3 Support Their Business

If your customer has a business or offers a certain service, learn more about their business. What kind of customers are they looking for?

Go the extra step and support their business, too. You scratch their back, they’ll do the same.

Exchange business cards and refer other people to them. They’ll appreciate new referrals and be inclined to recommend your business to others, too.

#4 Ask for Feedback

Have a new product or offer? Ask for feedback from potential customers and existing customers. Give them a sneak peek preview or sample. This shows people you value their opinion, and it will make the client feel they are a vital part of your business as well. If they like the product or service, they’ll remember you.

#5 Go Beyond

Always do what’s in the best interest of the customer.

At every touchpoint, deliver excellent customer service. If they’re a longtime customer, send them free products or discounts to show your appreciation.

If they’re waiting for the arrival of your company’s product in the mail, and it’s past the delivery date, offer a percent off of the total cost.

A little effort can turn an unhappy individual into a lifelong customer.


Exceeding expectations increases satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Following these tips should keep your customers happy, build trust in your business, and ultimately lead to a successful relationship.

Find more tips on developing customer relationships on our blog.

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