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A great bartender serves more than drinks, rather they are the ultimate brand experience. As a bartender, I develop customer relationships, promote drinks and events, and drive sales. But, it wasn’t until I started working in marketing that I realized bartending has valuable lessons that every business can learn from.

Here’s what bartending has taught me about marketing:

1. Use Social Media to Spread the Word

In many ways, the bar is a social experience where people gather with their friends to have a few drinks, and what better way to encourage a social gathering than through social media.

When I bartend, I post on my social media platforms to get the word out. It gives me a unique opportunity to identify and engage with potential customers. Whether I post about the bar’s drink specials or special events, social media has helped me get customers in the door.


2. Anticipate Customer Needs and Upsell

When my regular customers come in, I can anticipate what they’re going to order. For example, if Joe comes in every day around the same time and orders a wheat beer, day after day, it’s fairly predictable that he’ll order the same thing the next time he comes into the bar.

Let’s say the bar recently ordered a special type of wheat beer. This is the perfect opportunity to upsell to Joe. He isn’t familiar with the product, but I know he likes wheat beer, so as the brand ambassador, I’ll tell him about it.

This kind of customer service is necessary to marketing. Know your customer. Anticipate their needs and make suggestions.

3. Create a Memorable Experience for Customers

In order to keep my customers coming back, I help create a memorable experience for them. Now, a “memorable” experience doesn’t have to entail flaming cocktails or flipping bottles in the air; it is as simple as creating a welcoming atmosphere and getting to know more about my customer through casual conversation.

My customers want a social place that they can relax and feel safe in. A memorable experience encourages my customers to trust me, increases brand awareness, and generates referrals.

What Bartending Taught Me About Marketing

4. Service Delivery – Always Check Back In

When a customer orders a drink, I deliver it in a timely manner. If a customer waits longer than expected, then I look critically at the delivery process. Am I forgetting ingredients? Do I need to speed up my service time?

Not only is it crucial for me to make a drink quickly for my waiting customers, but it’s also necessary to ensure that the quality is at its best.

Is it Time to Accelerate Your Brand?

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